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December 20, 2017


Haven’t we all experienced the joy of a “Hallmark® Holiday”, you know a holiday you were pretty sure Hallmark® created to sell cards? And that’s not a negative commentary on Hallmark®, if anything as a marketer its envy! There is no better way to sell your products than create a niche and provide the exact product to fill it. In a word, it is GENIUS!!


With the most frantic purchasing retail season almost over for another year, this infographic from bizdaq* couldn’t be more appropriate and entertaining. Some of these I’m sure you know but quite a few were surprises to me. I’ve always associated the visual of Santa in the red suit with the big white beard with Coca-Cola’s holiday advertising, but I didn’t know they actually created the visual! In 1931 artist Haddon Sundbloom created the rendering we see to this day. I hope you enjoy learning a little more about Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, why ‘Diamonds are Forever’ and Not Valentine’s Day started not by Hallmark®, florists, or candy-makers but ancient Romans. But you must give Hallmark credit, they sure capitalized on a great idea!


Share this with your friends and see how many more ‘holidays’ you can name and their origins, could be a fun game to play at holiday parties. And no matter what Uncle George says he probably did not invent a holiday honoring St. George the Dragon Slayer!


In whatever way you and your family celebrate this season, may it bring you peace, joy and prosperity~


*Infographic Source

About the Author Leslie Riehm is the Vice President Corporate Communications at Digital Donations, Inc. Connect with Leslie and Digital Donations on Linked-In and follow her on Twitter.

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