Micro-Influencers Can Be the Right Influencers for You

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An influencer marketing campaign is pretty much a word-of-mouth campaign – on steroids! Because a voice on social media is potentially ‘heard’ by a large volume of people, it is a personal referral on a much larger scale. With this increased scale comes a greater need to make sure the person doing the referral is the right person, for your business, your cause and intended audience; you can learn more about influencers and their impact from our previous blog post.

Realty stars, celebrities, professional athletes, and social-media rock stars are the more visible influencers and the ones we often think of first. The issue with these types of ‘star influencers’ is the cost is way outside the budget of most businesses, even more so for small businesses and causes.

Enter the micro-influencer, typically defined as a social-media leader with between 1k to 5k followers. Depending on your own existing social media presence that may seem like either a lot of followers or very, very few. But that is not the point, statistically micro-influencers communicate more than twenty times each week with their followers. More over 80%+ of consumers are "highly likely to follow a recommendation made by a micro influencer."

That means that these micro-influencers are ‘influencing’ every day. Most of what they post include branding, so not just awareness but trust in the brand is transmitted to their followers. Micro-influencers tend to charge much less than the ‘big guys’ which means you can reach the same or even a larger, more diverse audience with several micro-influencers at a better price point. Now lest you think that this is ‘selling out’ consider that micro-influencers are not likely to be persuaded to recommend or market a product or service they don’t support. Many of these micro-influencers are millennials and that’s just not something they tend to do and probably most of all, to the micro-influencer, they don’t want to risk offending or losing their followers. To keep

their loyal followers, just as a business they must completely believe in what they are recommending.

While the reach of a micro-influencer is smaller, it is a more targeted audience. These millennial micro-influencers are following their passions, making their voices and recommendations completely authentic. The range of these interests can be just about anything, a cause like animals or the environment, products like cars, fashion, fitness, travel or personal services such as coaching and meditation. Once you identify the correct niche for your business or cause, you can then determine who the micro-influencers are in that space. You want a micro-influencer to champion your business or cause who is genuine and trustworthy. You might want to start your search on Instagram, the most popular social media site for micro-influencer, followed by Twitter and Facebook. Get more detailed info on finding the right influencers from this post.

More and more businesses are using influencer marketing, probably most of your competitors. Searches for the term “influencer marketing” have more than tripled this year. Find your micro-influencers, get your product or service into their hands and have them create content that you can integrate into your marketing efforts. Then reap the benefits of influencer marketing with micro-influencers.

About the Author Leslie Riehm is the Vice President Corporate Communications at Digital Donations, Inc. Connect with Leslie and Digital Donations on Linked-In and follow her on Twitter.

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