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One of my favorite blogs recently had a post on creative ideas for online engagement for nonprofits. It occurred to me while reading it that these ideas would work equally well for a smaller for-profit business. Any one or these ideas can be a hit with a cause campaign where an NPO and Small Business are working together. A nod to author Kerri Karvetski for the first four ideas, with a few changes, and a fifth one I came up with myself, here are 5 Creative Ideas for Online Engagement:

1. ART Adding some art to your online presence is a fantastic way to attract attention and increase your audience. There are many ways to get the art you want including a contest with staff or constituents/consumers, sponsor a contest at a local school or even engaging a professional artist. You don’t have to limit yourself to one piece; you can display multiples at once or change them around on a schedule. Whatever you decide, the art should reflect your values and vision, and if you are using art to support a cause campaign be sure it aligns with the overall goal.

2. READING LIST Provide your supporters and customers with a reading list any topic that reflects your business and your work. Again, this really resonates with a cause campaign, educating people about the impact of your cause and its resolution can bring focus to the work the nonprofit partner does. Don’t hesitate to include some reading materials about your business and successes in both business and nonprofit impact. Educating the public is one more way to widen your reach and results.

3. TWEET/STORY CONTEST Similar to the art contest, consider asking your online followers to submit a ‘tweetable story’ (maximum of 140 characters) about your product, service and its value. Don’t be afraid to go for humor and the occasionally bit of irony – just not too complicated; people should not have to think that hard about a TWEET! 4. INSTAGRAM PHOTOS Get all those digital photographers out there to showcase your products ‘on tour.' How far can your product go, around town, around the country or even around the world? Alternatively, a home-town photo collage with different shots of traditional views of Hometown,U.S.A. Suggest a road trip, just like the pictures, our parents took at every “Welcome to STATE” sign, though in this case, it is your product. As a part of a cause campaign photos of the impact of the campaign would be a stirring vision.

5. HOLIDAY THEMED VISION BOARDS Now I don’t mean the ‘big’ holidays here, but unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you are probably aware that EVERY DAY something is being recognized or celebrated – June 7th is Chocolate Ice Cream Day, and the 29th is Handshake Day just to get you started. So, mention these days on your Social Media and invite your followers to submit quips, photos or other commentary related to the day and your product, mission or cause campaign.

You can probably think of a few creative ideas of your own that will reflect what you do, your consumers or constituents and your vision. Make this a fun activity, if you are going to do it with staff have an after work or at lunchtime pizza party. The more consumers, clients or supporters you engage the better. Grow your online presence by having the contributors share the posts with their networks.

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