Mobile Marketing Can Make a Difference

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"Two-thirds of people are checking their mobile in the morning before doing anything else. . .”i Katherine Shappley/Ad Week 2015 Did you know that an average person checks their phone 110 times/day, while the more addicted check their phones as much as 900 times/day? Cell phone addiction is sweeping our nation. Today we are more connected than ever thanks in huge part to mobile technology. While smart technology provides the ability to talk, text or watch videos wherever we are, when you add location-based search and marketing (geo-targeting) and scratch-off or spin-to-win games (gamification), it has become easier and less expensive to engage with today’s consumer. You can engage even further and help your business grow by taking these mobile tools a step further - cause marketing. Use the discount or reward as an incentive for customers to make a small donation to a nonprofit you support. Connecting merchant rewards with a charitable cause is a win-win-win; for the donor or consumer, the cause and the merchant! As consumers become more dependent on mobile technology for information, statistics have shown there has also been a shift in commitment and loyalty to businesses that are aligned with a charitable cause. For businesses this a new way to develop new customers and retain existing ones. And for the nonprofit (and the cause) increased donations and new donors spreads awareness for your mission.Whether you are a consumer, business owner or a nonprofit the ability to reach out in an instant and touch someone has had a profound effect on our society.

The mobile revolution is picking up steam and is here to stay!

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