Vodka With A Splash

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What Cause Marketing Done Right Looks Like Elyx® is a luxury vodka made by Absolut®. Distilled by hand in a 1921 copper column still from single estate winter wheat sells for $35 to $58 per 1L bottle. For that price, you get not only a bottle of “liquid silk, ” but Absolut makes a donation of a week’s supply of safe water to Water For People. Their five-year goal is to provide water for 100,000 people.

This is Cause Marketing at its best, consumers buy something they want, specifically a luxury item where price is rarely a concern while making a social and environmental impact. For Millennials who have recently exceeded Baby Boomers as the largest consumer group this is a key deciding factor when they make a purchase. Their desire to have an impact with their purchasing dollars is reflected in vendors like Tom’s Shoes, Warby-Parker eyewear, and even Headspace Meditation. How did Absolut decide that Water for People was the ‘right’ cause for them? First, they determined that they share values and commitment to a sustainable solution. The distillery in Sweden practices strict water conservation a key component of the Water for People’s vision and goals.Once they made a commitment, the leadership launched a crowdfunding campaign to share the partnership with their friends, family, and colleagues. Every day for a week they walked 4 hours to experience what it is like for the many people around the world who must walk for their daily water. They raised $10k which Absolut matched. Done well a cause marketing campaign allows companies and consumers to help in a thoughtful way.For more details see the original article that appeared in The Huffington Post Digital Donations™ develops fundraising and marketing solutions that connect cause with commerce to make a difference.

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