Eight Reasons Why You Should Implement a Mobile Fundraising Campaign

With people carrying less or even no cash, mobile payments are a part of everyday life. myGIV, the mobile transaction tool from Digital Donations offers innovative, cost effective & easy mobile fundraising. Include a partner coupon or voucher to reward the donor and make a bigger impact! 1. Raise more money, attract new donors and sponsors 2. Cost effective, affordable platform with measurable ROI 3. Multi-channel distribution interact on social media, email and SMS text 4. Donor Data accumulation and statistic for targeting 5. Mobile payment collect donations embedded in app and coupon 6. Turnkey mobile fundraising we design, distribute and manage the campaign on your behalf 7. Brandable coupons with your logo and layout or in conjunction with sponsor 8. Sponsored rewards with coupons or vouchers provided by sponsors

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