Digital Donations Forms Strategic Alliance with United Charitable Programs

Melville, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/21/2016 -- Digital Donations, (DIGITAL) developer of the Digital Donations™ fundraising technology, announced today the signing of an agreement with United Charitable (UC) a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to make philanthropy accessible by providing comprehensive management of charitable programs and donor-advised foundations on a community, national, or global level. This agreement also provides UCP’s 500+ Programs across the US access to the Digital Donations fundraising technology that automates the solicitation, collection and delivery of charitable contributions at approved point of sale and online merchants within each programs communities. Under the terms of this agreement DIGITAL has formed the GIV Foundation (GIV) a UCP fiscally sponsored program whose mission is to connect cause with commerce in order to make a difference in local communities throughout the United States. As a UC sponsored program, DDF will have the ability to actively raise tax-deductible donations from the public under UC's supervision. UC enables DDF to focus on its charitable mission by undertaking the “back office” administrative duties, and legal and corporate oversight. Keith Orlean, President of Digital Donations, said, “This is an important step in our distribution and fundraising strategy as it alleviates the administrative burden that would be required to support hundreds of nonprofits that are part of the communities where our merchants transact business. It allows retailers and restaurants the ability to choose the causes that are most important to them. In addition, UC will license our fundraising tools to program managers enhancing awareness and fundraising for each of their charitable missions. Merchants and consumers will be made aware of the programs we support through traditional/digital media campaigns, and other creative co-marketing opportunities with UC.” Jan Ridgely, Executive Director United Charitable, “We are so excited about this partnership. At UC we are always seeking products and services that assist our programs in reaching the goals of their mission. The Digital Donations™ fundraising suite creates so many more opportunities for program managers to raise needed funds within their communities. Our company’s visions are perfectly aligned filling a critical need for each of our organizations. We are currently finalizing our 4th quarter rollout strategy, which is the most important time of the year for fundraising. The timing for implementing Digital Donations™ could not be better. About Digital Donations

Digital Donations (DIGITAL) provides professional fundraising services and technology for non-profits and merchants that seek to build a community or national based “cause marketing” program. DPS provides a comprehensive suite of interactive fundraising and marketing solutions (Digital Donations™) that can integrate with multiple payment acceptance devices. This includes retail point-of-sale, smart phones (proximity text based cause marketing), online shopping carts, ATM’s, information kiosks and Video on Demand systems that are utilized in the hospitality industry. Our stated mission is to help non-profits reach their fundraising goals through introduction, partnership and collaboration with payment processors, industry executives and independent sales organizations. About United Charitable

United Charitable (UC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our vision is to cultivate the essence of philanthropy by empowering people to help people. Our mission is to make philanthropy accessible by providing comprehensive management of charitable programs and donor-advised foundations on a community, national, and global level. By fiscally sponsoring and supporting these individual projects in different charitable areas in a transparent and cost-effective manner, UC is able to affect constructive social change at a grassroots level. Through a fiscal sponsor relationship with these charitable projects, UC provides nonprofit benefits without the burdens. Please visit or email Jan Ridgely at

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