Let's Ring Some Bells!

December 21, 2016


You’ve worked hard to get your campaign launched – great job on that! – now it’s time to ring the bell and get those donations rolling in!

The best way to get the word out and donations in is to use social media and email. Social Media communications can reach beyond just your supporters; ask your supporters to reach out to their friends & associates for a wider impact.

Start with 'ASK' posts on your Facebook and Twitter accounts like these examples:


FACEBOOK – Post the link to your campaign on your page and make a statement

“Only # more days in 2016 – days to support [NPO] in our year-end effort to fund [specific about what you are funding]. We need your support – DONATE NOW thank you.

So, if you are a food bank and trying to raise $2000 to purchase turkeys for holiday meals:

Only 25 more days in our 2016 year-end effort to purchase turkeys for holiday meals. We need your support to reach our goal of $2000 – DONATE TODAY

TWITTER – Again post the link to your campaign and a statement “We need your support NOW! Make your donation today. Make sure our neighbors have a holiday meal!You can include a link without impacting your character count limit to create a Direct Message if you want to communicate individually with your donors, a much more personalized approach.


Next and even more important, email your supporters and staff members. Email still generates the highest response and highest dollar amount of gifts of all social media options. Here’s an example from a Food Project raising funds for holiday meals in Haiti:

“Hi [NAME]

We only have a few more weeks in 2016 to raise funds for Holidays for Haiti. Your donation will help provide food for Joseph and his family who live inabject poverty in Haiti. When you sit down to enjoy your holiday dinner with family, the feeling you’ll have knowing you provided food for this family will stay with you long after the meal is over.

You’ve always been one of our strongest supporters, and we are so grateful for you. Thank you for your generosity over the years, and a special heartfelt thank you again this year!

Dave Smith,
FounderThe Food Project”



Remember communicate often and with a clear call to action. It’s never too late to ask for support.


Hope these help you get the money rolling in, as always if you need my help email me at (lriehm@digitaldonations.org)


Let’s Ring Some Bells!


One more very important note – did you remember to get the Board ‘on board’, have they all made their donations? If not remind them today that their donations are the most important!!

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