Digital Donations alternative fundraising and marketing solutions are designed to help businesses and nonprofits work together to benefit the community. A cause marketing partnership allows each organization to expand its reach resulting in greater awareness and revenue opportunities. Our ongoing commitment to offering the latest and most innovative solutions can be crucial components of your viable marketing strategy.



On-line Fundraising

An integrated fundraising solution includes web-site giving, crowdfunding, mobile giving, social media, and email. Digital Donations will provide you with a fully optimized solution to capitalize on each component of on-line fundraising that will help your organization reach the most donors and raise the most resulting in more fans, funds and friends.

CrowdGIV (Crowdfunding) with Team Fundraising

Crowdfunding is a strategic approach to fundraising on ever-growing social media platforms. CrowdGIV was designed exclusively for nonprofit organizations with an easily navigated ‘smart interface’ that provides instant donation acceptance. Campaigns are quickly created in three simple steps: Register-Create-Launch. The feature rich platform includes image and video integration, one-click sharing to multiple Social Media platforms and group email send.

Team Fundraising is an easily set-up option for friends, fans, and supporters to create sub-campaigns aligned with the master campaign. A team leader invites friends and associates to create their own page and personal goals to support the CrowdGIV campaign. Statistics show that supporters who solicit gifts on behalf of charities must only make a few contacts to get a friend to make a gift.


Partner Rewards

Partner Rewards connect cause with commerce and benefit the business, the nonprofit and the community. Partner Rewards can include a variety of offers and options that are fully integrated into the donation process. The unique, one-of-a-kind Partner Rewards Program helps non-profit organizations expand their reach resulting in more fans, funds, and friends without requiring a significant cash outlay by business partners.

Payment Processing

Digital Donations has been negotiating competitive fee structures that are among the lowest in the market for more than 14 years. More and more donations are made via credit and debit card making low-cost processing a must. Providing a verification of the information on the card and anti-fraud measures helps protect your organization. Donors want to be able to contribute when and how they want, and today that means online, on mobile and on the move.

ATM Fundraising

As the first company to develop fundraising technology for the ATM industry at large, Digital Donations continues to lead the way in providing ‘alternative fundraising solutions.' ATM fundraising lets advertisers promote offers and discounts to those who donate, using on-screen ads, mobile messaging, custom ATM wraps and printing offers on the customer’s receipt. ATM donations fit perfectly into the rapidly growing and evolving approach to reaching donors. A recent Federal Reserve Payments Study stated over 6 billion cash withdrawals were made at over 400,000 ATMs in 2016. This makes this an ideal fundraising platform for any nonprofit. Integrate this with a Partner Rewards program for a truly big win!

Point of Sale

Point-of-Sale or POS software automates the giving process, including donation request, collection, and payment eliminating any additional work for the merchant. By making a simple ask at the purchase point, consumers can donate with ease to the supported cause. Advertisers can promote offers and discounts to those who donate with mobile messaging and printing offers on the customer’s receipt. In most cases, our proprietary software can be integrated into the existing payment processing systems.

Mobile Fundraising (MyGIV)

The MyGIV mobile app uses location-based search and marketing (geo-targeting) and gamification (scratch off game) to deliver valuable rewards to consumers that make donations. By registering with myGIV users will have access to offers from retailers, restaurants and service providers where they can play, win and donate to redeem their reward. Connecting rewards with a charitable cause increases donations and benefits the merchants. myGIV works with local, regional and national businesses to develop new donors and retain existing ones through cause-related marketing initiatives.

Custom Technology Development

When your needs cannot be met with existing product solutions, it could be time to invest in a technology platform that suits your exact needs. Custom technology development requires careful pre-planning, a needs workflow analysis and review and testing during development to ensure you get the product you need. Working with our team of design and development experts along with our business process analysts your organization can get the custom platform that guides your organizational growth.

Proprietary Consumer Database

A proprietary database is your privately owned and password protected vault of information about your donors. Access usually has strict conditions and restrictions; users may not be able to copy, modify, share or redistribute the material. Data stored in a proprietary database may be protected under the laws of copyright, by contract law, under patents or as trade secrets and can safeguard the competitive edge of your donor data.

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